Fortune Favors the Brave – Finished!

Who knew making art could be so exhausting? Today was installation day for the Aquarium Gallery window at Ann Arbor Art Center, and after four hours of lifting, placing, touch up painting, and hanging stuff, my feet hurt, the dodgy right knee hurts, and pretty much the whole bod is just plain ol’ tired. But, drum roll please, Fortune Favors the Brave is finally UP!

When I left off in the last FFTB update, I was on to Plan B. Once the panic subsided and a clear (new) direction was forged, it was just a matter of putting in the time. If you read through the previous 5 posts about this piece, you’ll know a lot of ideas got put aside. I’m happy with the finished piece, but it certainly changed and morphed from the original idea (sorry, Ms. Mannequin).

Seriously, can’t tell you how tired I am! I think it’s also the weight of the project being lifted off…now all I have left to do is pick up the gigantic mess I made in the basement.

FFTB-balls ready

[ Green ones got nixed, but lavender, magenta and white pearl ones are part of the hanging items. I learned the hard way that they are fragile and break if dropped (I thought they were plastic) ]

FFTB-thread system1

[ I had to make a diagram for the hanging stuff (of course I did) and used three different kinds of gold thread for hanging. A very subtle effect, but the gold thread glistens when the light is just so. Makes me happy. ]

FFTB-thread system

[ I needed something to hang stuff from, so we bought plastic lattice from Lowe’s. Drilled a hole at every crossing and also evenly between (ok, that was harder than I thought it would be). I ended up not using all the holes (ran out of steam after 60+ and decided “that’s enough”). Each hanging thing had a toothpick tied at the other end of the thread. The toothpicks were inserted up through the hole and then they catch and rest on top of the lattice. Each was then carefully removed, tagged with painter’s tape so I knew where it went, and rolled up so as not to tangle. The lattice was then painted bright pink (thanks, Mike!) ]

FFTB-blank slate

[ The blank slate. Mike contemplates lighting. ]


[ The view from inside. There was a miscalculation somewhere, and the lattice ended up being too wide! Mike had to run home to get some snips to trim the edges (this is the fourth round trip…took us three to get everything here. Good thing we live fairly close. ]

FFTB-balls lined up

[ While Mike went back home, I laid out the ornaments, in the order to be hung. ]


Chrysalis, Julie Renfro, 2009

[ “Chrysalis” is an old piece of mine from 2009 that barely anyone saw. I just felt that it fit the installation somehow and that it would work as a central focal point. I had it on the floor and decided it needed to be higher up, so I stole a little round table from our living room that was about the right size and height…and it was perfect! Honey, do you mind if I paint that table gold? 🙂 ]


[ Finished closeup from the outside. It’s difficult to take photos without getting reflections off the window. I was so tired and my feet hurt so much (needed to be barefoot so as not to mess up the pink furry fabric while standing in the window) that I neglected to take a last set of photos prior to putting the center panel in place.  ]

The cloud photo in the center panel might be familiar to anyone who has read my blog from the beginning. That photo was used in my first blog post, and was taken out the window of an airplane. I was going to put cloud photos in all the smaller frames too, but decided to go with flowers (hate to admit it, but that decision was based on which photos I could more easily access and print…but I do like the end result!)


[ Oval and round mirrors of various sizes were put on top of the furry floor. Why? Can’t remember exactly, but it was an idea that came out of the panicked brainstorming session I had with Mike, when things seemed to be going south. ]

I can’t believe it’s finished! It’s a little anti-climactic, to be honest, but I think it’s the mental and physical fatigue.

On to the next project! After some rest….







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  1. Barb June 28, 2016 at 7:44 AM #

    OMG – the planning of this overwhelms. The result of it all is overwhelmingly beautiful.

  2. Julie June 28, 2016 at 4:32 PM #

    Thank you so much, Barb! Really appreciate your comment. I love planning things out! 🙂

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