Gold Rush

Keeping it simple and shortish this post. Lots going on in preparation for the Sphinx Medals of Excellence celebration in DC this week, followed by a visit to my sister’s in Virginia. Looking forward to both!

Still Life No. 6 and I are getting along again. For a time there we were not, I didn’t like it, but now I’m loving it again. Art making tends to be rollercoastery like that for me, and thank God the “loving it” part happens often enough lately to remind me that I’m meant to be creating art. Even if just for my own enjoyment.

I also had a realization this past week that was actually pretty significant: until recently, most of my artwork has been the result of “outside” influence. By that I mean, the process was more like having an assignment of sorts. I would be invited to do a show that had a certain theme, and I would set about creating a piece or pieces that fit the show. And there was a deadline, which forced me to work, otherwise I would be letting someone else/the gallery down. Looking back, I was really rather fortunate to be given so many of these types of opportunities early on (being invited to participate, rather than having to apply and be juried in).

But I’ve been “on my own” for a while, and I’ve worked out that creating a new body of work, from scratch, with no one but myself to give me an assignment, is really quite a different sort of beast…it’s way harder! No wonder this last year, art-wise, has been such an up and down struggle! Now that I see this, I think I can step up to the challenge vs. feeling like I’m floundering around with no purpose.

Interesting! Well, to me anyway…:)

Gold, Gold, and More Gold

More Gold Dots

[ Tiny Sun Gold dots put on Still Life No. 6 this weekend. I was feeling stuck yesterday and said to myself “Dots. Come on Julie, you can at least do some dots.” And I did. Sometimes getting unstuck is relatively easy. ]

In case you haven’t noticed, I love gold. I don’t tend to wear gold jewelry much, which is kind of odd, but I love my gold paints, gold beads, gold glitter, gold thread…I even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to all things gold.

[ Thread, wire, and beads currently on my studio table. Been experimenting off and on with some jewelry ideas...that may or may not come to anything. ]

[ Thread, wire, and beads currently on my studio table. Been experimenting off and on with some textile jewelry ideas…that may or may not come to anything, but I’m having fun. ]

[ Container full o' stars. Always a good thing to have around. ]

[ Container full o’ stars. Always a good thing to have around. ]

Art in Progress - gold washes

[ Gold washes allow the underlying pattern/texture to remain visible but add a metallic sheen. ]

Gold Circles

[ Sun Gold circles on top of Royal Gold stripe. Plain ol’ Gold and Antique Gold are two other favorite acrylic paints. The subtle differences in color make for some nice variation. ]

Winter Blues Be Gone

Two evenings ago we had our first BBQ of the season (ok, so we pushed it a little. I was sitting outside with hat, gloves, and a big coat, but we had our BBQ turkey burgers with cheese, dammit). Today was rainy and gray, but there is hope in the snowdrop flowers blooming and tiny green shoots peeking out of the ground in our backyard. A few fantastic, sunny, warm(er) days have been welcome indicators that spring and summer are not far away.

Between the official first day of spring coming a week from today and new understanding of my art-making motivation (or lack thereof), I’m excited to kick some Art Butt when I get back (perhaps not the greatest metaphor, but you know what I mean 🙂


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  1. Barb March 15, 2016 at 9:19 AM #

    Always enjoy and identify with your thoughts. Thanks, Julie. Barb

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