It’s Not White, It’s Gray

I’m sorry, hate to bother you, but have you seen my Discipline? It seems to have wandered off somewhere, and I can’t find it.

I’m not entirely sure what happened last weekend in regards to my regular blog post, things kept coming up to pull at my time, but there was also lots of inner turmoil and that nagging, grudging homework’s due feeling.

And then Discipline went missing! It’s not just the blog that slipped, so I’m just hoping it comes back, and soon.

Perhaps I can coax it to return, with treats or something shiny.

Pillows for the Bed

When in doubt, clean something” is still my go-to for when I feel stuck, but my runner-up may now be “go buy some pretty pillows for your bed.” I never really got the whole idea of spending good money on a bunch of pillows that serve no purpose other than to look nice on top of the useful pillows, but I have to say, my recent IKEA purchase makes me very, very happy.


That and changing up the color of our room to Light Pelican Gray.


Bedroom_before and after

I know, right? What happened to all that “no white walls” earlier? Mike said this was our “first white room” to which I clarified that “it’s not white, it’s gray.” I couldn’t live with a white room, but a very, very, very pale gray, now that’s different.

I do love our “new” gray/white room and happy IKEA pillows, Mom’s quilt hanging on the wall. It’s very peaceful and calming. Its little makeover is part of an ongoing Grand Declutter and Organize Project.


Take a Step Back and Really See

There are many reasons for being stuck creatively and/or barely having the energy to create, but Mike and I decided that at least some of the reasons have been all the “cleansing” projects that needed to be done, the visual clutter in various parts of our home and studio. Walking by or through these (and ignoring them) just sucks the energy out of a person, often without you being aware of it.

I won’t lie, part of the problem is being able to make decisions about keeping or throwing things out, and if the two of us are doing it together, well…exhausts me just to write that.

But that aside, I think the things we surround ourselves with – the art or the clutter, the things we actively look at and the things we ignore – can greatly affect mood and well-being (which for me is ironic, as growing up you could never see my bedroom floor for all the clothes heaps).

We have been slowly taking steps to address the Problem Areas, change the rooms, the corners, the tops of tables, that are not, well, making us happy. Painting the bedroom, moving art around, getting rid of old things that no longer have use or meaning, buying pretty pillows. Like spring cleaning only on a bigger (slower) scale.

The Backyard Bench

Part of the changing/moving/cleansing is also taking the time to enjoy the spaces we create, appreciate the garden in summer, enjoy taking a rest on the upstairs couch on a day when the windows could be open and the breeze drifts through, sit on the front porch swing in the evening light.

And in the morning, before we get to the next item on the Grand Project list, I make the bed and place my pretty pillows just so. A simple task that has become so…satisfying.

But you know, I think I need more.





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