My Summer Vacation 2016

I Wish I Could Have Known Earlier That You Have All The Time You’ll Ever Need Right Up to the Day You Die

That gets my vote for the Best Title of a piece of art: William T. Wiley, watercolor and ink on paper, 1970. It hangs in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art which we visited during our recent California Adventure. The newly renovated museum was one of the highlights of our trip.

It’s been ten days since our return home from the vacation that took forever to come and then whooshed by in the blink of an eye. It was a fantastic getaway. I was inspired by many things, had some wonderful experiences with family, found joy in nostalgia instead of sadness, ate a very large amount of Mexican food, and created many new memories in the place where I was born.

California vacation. Salt Creek Beach.

[ The “California Girl” goes home. Salt Creek, Dana Point. My beach experiences this time were a little different from those of my skin-abusing youth. ]

I always said I wouldn’t move back, but dang! The weather in California, the sunlight (even if I didn’t want to sit in it) and blue skies, the brightness and clarity of the light (unless you’re in certain parts of L.A.) and the vistas…I loved being able to once again see great distances, whether it be to the ocean or the mountains.

Inspired by Art

I won’t bore you with a blog version of a vacation slide show (ok, maybe I will just a little), but I did want to share some inspiration I brought home with me.

At SFMoMA, in addition to being introduced to William T. Wiley and his work, we saw so many pieces by artists whose work I love and admire. If you get the chance, GO.

San Franciso Museum of Modern Art

[ Standing in the SFMoMA lobby, looking up. ]

CA16-gerhard richter close

[ Gerhard Richter, detail, SFMoMA ]

Chuck Close - close up, SFMoMA

[ A Chuck Close portrait, detail, SFMoMA ]

Elliott Hundley detail at the SFMoMA

[ A new artist for me, Elliott Hundley. This detail photo I took doesn’t do the work justice. The piece is a 3D collage/assemblage, with round-headed pins holding pieces on and away from the surface. Just wild and beautiful. ]

Richard Serra installation, SFMoMA

[ Me and my niece, Emily, next to the Richard Serra. ]

Inspired by Landscape

Laguna Niguel CA

[ Morning routine at our AirBnB home in Laguna Niguel: sit out by the pool with coffee, wrapped in a blanket, and watch the sun rise. ]

[ The Strands, Dana Point, CA. Many hours spent on this beach way back when. ]

[ The Strands, Dana Point, CA. Many hours spent on this beach, way back when. ]

Driving on Interstate 5, north of Los Angeles

[ Driving on Interstate 5, north of Los Angeles ]

The rolling hills north of Marin CA

[ The rolling hills north of Marin. We were actually stopped in traffic when I took this photo. ]

Goat Rock Beach, CA

[ Driftwood sculpture on Goat Rock Beach, near Jenner, CA. The Russian River meets the Pacific ocean here. ]

Monterey CA

[ Cormorants hanging out in Monterey. ]

Drive to Carmel, CA

[ Looking out to the ocean on our drive from Monterey to Carmel, the normal fog bank sitting out there like a wall. ]

Inspired by Nature

[ Due to the drought in California, many home and business landscapes are now entirely succulents. Some very interesting shapes, textures and colors. ]

CA16 - succulents3

CA16 - succulents2

Muir Woods

[ Visiting the redwoods at Muir Woods ]

Monterey Bay Aquarium

[ Jellyfish exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. ]

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium


[ Beach grass in northern California. ]

CA-Jenner wood

Into the Swing

The last day of July. Remember when summer seemed to last forever? Sigh.

Today at Ann Arbor Art Center, I uninstalled Fortune Favors the Brave, and Mike installed Let Them Eat Cake in its place. Mike is exhausted (know the feeling), and I am…hmmm…happy FFTB is down and done and a little sad it’s gone. The heat from the window was brutal on the collage, and although the color was surprisingly in good shape, the paper pieces had really shrunk, wrinkled, and were beginning to peel off the foam backing. I couldn’t reinstall it somewhere if I wanted to!

We found out during our trip that, for a show we are in, fall 2017, all the artists have 21 feet of wall space to fill. Wait, whaaat? TWENTY ONE FEET.

Time to clean up that newly empty art studio and get to work!







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  1. Barb August 1, 2016 at 8:01 AM #

    Thanks for sharing so many photos taking at SFMOMA! Like I said before, I lived this CA visit along with you and your family. It was wonderful!

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