That’s Life

It is true that life gets in the way of art but, if we’re honest with ourselves, we ourselves get in the way of our art.

— Louise Etheridge,

Where did the time go? This week, this year, another September 11th anniversary…it’s hard to wrap my mind around it this morning.

Today we leave for a trip to the Erie Canal. We will be on the canal four days with our dear friends Mike and Elaine, navigating a little house boat. I’m looking forward to it, but I have to say that this past week has been a game of running to catch up in order to leave. Every day this week it just seemed like there wasn’t enough time to get everything done that needed to get done.

I hate that feeling of being behind, feeling like things are just a tad out of control (what’s my excuse, we don’t even have kids for Pete’s sake!), but sometimes that’s Life. Move through it, take things on as they come, and at some point wrestle some semblance of control back. Hopefully.


[ Work in progress for that big blank canvas I posted a photo of last week. I’m setting up the base on the computer and will print out pieces to collage onto the board. Lots o’ layers in Photoshop! ]

This post will be short as a result of my lengthy To Do lists (and poor planning?), but I thought I would point you to another blog post that I read this week, one that I thought had some great tips for getting unblocked. The post is by Louise Etheridge on, titled Breaking through blocks: 10 ways to reclaim your practice.

I will be putting some of these tips to (hopefully good) use when we get back.


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